Adding tables in licence

Hello, I work for a company we have NF 2.6 I do myself all think on Navision: add-on, modify, … Thus I have license file with application builder, designer, … So, We don’t have need of any NSC, and My boss decide to don’t pay an NSC for maintenance, … NSC sell me Navision, build some add-on, and after that, my company would an internal programmer (me !!) Now, I would add 10 tables in my license file for new developpement. My boss would ask it to another NSC that these seel me Navision. I think, it’s not possible with Navision, we are “married” with the NSC it sell Navision, Or we can change if we would, but it’s difficult Is it just? Or can I ask it to another NSC without problem? (The other NSC is a new NSC (2 week …) where the boss is the brother of the wife of my boss …)

Switching NSC’s might not be your problem. Search the forum for details on this. Your problem might be obtaining new Tables when you haven’t been paying Maintenance (Note that you are not really paying the NSC Maintenance, you are paying it to Microsoft). Microsoft did make this a policy, but I’m not sure if it has since been reversed.