Adding Sales Inc. VAT Field To The Sales By Item Category Report

I have been asked to added a Sales Inc. VAT total column to the Item Category Report. The standard report is based on the Item category table which has a sales (LCY) but this is excluding VAT. This figure is a flow field based on fields from the Value Entry table. However, when I look at the Value Entry table there is no apparent link to VAT data. There is a VAT entry table but again I cannot see how to link this over to the Item Category Table.

Any help on this would be appreciated.

Whiteboard it would really help to give you pertinant information if you could update your pofile, NSC/End USer Consulant etc, and what country.

Anyway. VAT is bascally a function of the Item, but can also be afected by the customer. But for your purposes, it will work to look at the item details.

First you need to look at the VAT group in the Item card, and then look at the VAT tables, and find th eappropriate Bsiness group to find which VAT rate to use. Its not all that easy, but you could in the end create a flow field on the item card to show the appropiate vat rate.

Could this not lead to the situation where the value on 2 runs of the report could be different if you change the VAT value on the item card in between?

If you really need that value (and want to everything to be “by the book”) you should somehow transfer VAT amount to appropriate tables. It’s not a big problem to do that and after that, you will have all needed values regarding of VAT setup. That is what ledgers are for after all, to keep informations?
On which tables is based your report?

Asbsolutely, just like if you create a customer listing report, and then change thename of th ecustom then the report will print differently.

Basically you are looking for a programable solution to a business problem. VATis very similar in most countries, but not similar enought o be generic. I don’t knwo Irish VAT though.

Basically there is no straight forward answer that will tell you what code to write.
Step one is to sit with the person that needs the report, and ask them how they would generate it if they had to do it in Excel. Then work out how they dtermine which VT rate to use. In the UK for example, foods containing sugar can be VATable at diferent rates ot differnt organizations, than food not containing sugar. (I had one client in the UK that always said, but what if we had sugar coated sausages and we sell them to a charitable organization, can Navision calulate VAT for that).

As a starting point for you, I would suggest that you do as follows:

Create the item report.
Add a request firled for a VAT Business posting group, genertate an erro if it is blank.
Then on each Item line, look up the combination of VAT Product and VAT business group for that combination, and use that VAT rate. Eventually you may decide that you only need one Business grup, so add a flag int he table, filter on that,and have the report fixed.

If this is not clear, feel free to ask more questions.