Adding references in AX

I have an odd issue that’s coming up in a client’s instance of AX. When I try to add references through the AOT, they will show up under References, but then disappear after a few minutes. This happens with all references I add, whether they’re libraries I’ve made myself, or from Microsoft and preexisting.

To add the references, I’m going through these steps:

  1. Right click references->Add Reference

  2. Pick reference

  3. click Select

  4. click OK

I’ve got no clue what could be making AX act like this. Has anyone else seen this behavior? Thanks.

It’s seems that you don’t have a development license.

Do you have the "Web MorphX Development " license?

I’ve got the “Windows MorphX Development Suite” listed in the license information for the systems. That is inclusive for all development, isn’t it?