Adding Quantity from sales line in the sales invoice report


I am trying to make few modifications in the Sales Invoice report which shows me the Invoiced Quantity, Amounts and other stuffs. What I am trying is to show the total quantity for the each articles in the report. The report uses the Sales Invoice Header and Sales Invoice Line as data-items. I have seen that total quantity for each articles and each order is in the Sales Line table.

I am confused about two things, first, should I use Sales Line Table as a data-item under Sales Invoice Line in the designer and use filters to retrieve the corresponding total quantity for each article? Second, if so, under which trigger i should write the code for filters?

I am a beginner in NAV and sorry if this is a silly question to the experts. I hope somebody will be kind to help.


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Which version of Navision you are using ?

Is it Classic or RTC ??

I am using the classic client in NAV 4 sp3. Though its the old system but I guess the conventions are similar to NAV 5. I am following the documents for NAV 5.

What is result expected from report

Is it Grouping by Article ??

Well, I have an Sales Invoice Report (206). It shows me the Quantity Shipped, Unit Price, Discount, VAT and Amount for each article from the order and these are from Sales Invoice Line Table.

5516.Untitled picture.png

With all these, all I want is to show the Total Quantity (the quantity that was originally ordered to produce for each articles) for each article for that specific order.

I figured out that there is two ways to do it. For an partially completed order, I can find the total quantity from Sales Line table. For an Completed order I have to Sum up the Quantity Shipped or Invoiced for each article (I couldn’t find any other way).

Primarily I tried putting the Sales Line table indented under Sales Invoice Line table, but seems it does not work that way. So, if my approach is correct than where and how should I place the filters?