Adding or Creating a Column in Posted Documents

Hi Everyone,

It has been a while but was hoping I could get some insight on this! Please and thank you!

My firm is on Nav 2013 and we are in the business of importing and exporting textiles. Our largest customer wants a spreadsheet of all the orders that shipped that day, with the tracking number. I can easily export all of their orders that shipped that day into excel, but my problem is that the “tracking number” is not a column (or an option to make it a column) within our Posted Documents area of Navision.

Therefore, my question is: How do I add this column? Is this something that I will need my external Navision guys to perform for me (programmer) or can I do it myself? I do know how to get into Configuration mode if needed!

At this point I am having to click into every order and then copy/paste the tracking numbers into excel…one…by…one…:frowning:

Thanks again,

The Nardsman

You can take that value in variable and display it on Posted document form.

You can write code on onaftergetrecord. trigger of page.