Adding number sequences for new module

hello guys,

I am trying to create a module called document and created the parameter form and table.I created a new NumberSeqModule class also.I created a number sequences and tried to add on my parameter table but when I add it also bring account’s recieveable number sequence’s too.I do not know wht its brings customer’s number sequence.

 NumberSeqModule::Document; when I chose another's module it works fine but if I use my new created one it brings Customer's sequences too.
Do you have any idea?

Are you returning the right value from numberSeqModule() of your NumberSeqModule class and are you creating the right instance in your form?

By the way, please pay more attention to how you construct titles for your threads. Thinks like parameters! obviously don’t describe the topic well enough. I’ve fixed it for you this time.

yes It returns a right value.

Sorry, I can’t identify the bug in your code if you don’t give me more information.
Use the debugger to identify what’s going on in your code.

Is it possible create a wrong number sequences ?because I did my table and parameter looking by custparameters and the other parameters table.So I include evry single method ,I am creating new number seq and Ill create a new form and table