adding new elements and labels to running AOS

Advice needed. What would be the correct approach if i want to add new elements and labels to my application running running on a 3-tiere setup with clients connected. Should i connect 2 -tiere og 3 -tiere to add the new elements and labels? and is it nessesary to cut the connection to the clients logged on the server before adding the new elements and labels? Hope that someone could tell me the correct approach [;)]

Hi First: It is (to my knowledge) not possible to get a running AOS using new labels (when just doing it by replacing the label file). If you have only one instance of the AOS and no cluster, you can try to import the XPO files WITH labels. That could work. Second: After importing the elements, you should run the “Update dictionary”, “Update AOD” etc… with the RunOn property set to “SERVER” (That’s important!). You might have to create new menu items for that. After having updated on the server, you can run the 4 Update routines on every client (if you want).