Adding menu item button clicked method on the ListPage form - EP

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Please give me your suggestions for the below explaination:

I need to add button clicked method on the EP Listpage form. I tried to write some piece of code in the classs “XYZListpageInteraction” but couldn’t get the result.

  • I’ve added a new menu item button on the EP form (Listpage form) and below is what I’m trying to achieve.
  1. Once the user, click this button, the workflow of the selected record should change its status from Approved to Not submitted.
  2. And it opens the form (which is the edit form) with the new sequence code associated to the Transaction Id.

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You can do one of the below two

  1. You can set the display target property of that button to Client (but that button will not be available in EP)
  2. You can have a class for that menu item - this class calls the logic to update and opens the form.

Hi Kranthi,

Thanks for the response.

I will go with #2 as I need that button to be available in EP. Can you please explain in more detail, how can i create a class for menu item button and calls this class once the user clicks on it.

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Hi guys,

Any help please.

Write a class that calls the update logic and opens your menu item dynamically. You can use menufunction class to open menu item, MenuFunction(menuitemdisplaystr(AbatementCertificate_IN), MenuItemType::Display).run();

Hi Kranthi,
As you said I wrote a class and calls the update logic which works but I’m unable to open the ep page through the menufunction class. Can u suggest.