I have requirement customizing the application for a client who deals in alluminium frames. He has pre-defined sections of aluminium frames whose cutlength varies from project to project. I am confused about how to define the items in inventory since the items without the cutlength can not be called an item. Any one has a answer??

Hi, this depends on how they use this items. I use this rule: if it is Finished Good or Subassembly - create item per each cut. if it is raw material - create one item and different units of measure per each cut. Valentin Gvozdev BMI Inc.

Hi, can’t you use the “variant code” of items somehow? If you have to many variety of items then it is maby better just having fields in the SalesLine (Sales Invoice Line, etc.) for those cutlenght possibilities. Micha

Hi atuld, i solved a similar request for a fly-screen manufacturer adding a table in the sales order called ‘measures’. From my point of view, the inventory contains the alluminium with every pre-defined sections as different items. The measure of the cut must be specified in the sales order rows with the help of the form ‘measures’ in which you have the fieds of the length. On the closing of the forms you can automatically calculate the quantity of items (useful to create the production order or to unload the inventory during the registration of the sale order) , but in the ‘measure’ table you have a detail of the lenghts (or any dimension you need) that can be used in printing the order for the manufacturing unit/division of your client. I hope my answer could be useful. Bye. Domenico