Adding Free Text Invoices

How do I go by including Free Text Invoice data(for lab services) in an existing report. I am working on AX 2012 in a project without UI builder class(has only contract, controller and DP class. I don’t know how that would effect, putting it here just in case if there is any relation).

Hi, can you please add more details or elaborate? Are you trying to modify a standard report? what exactly is the issue?

This is a report designed to shoe customers how past they are from a certain time limit (three ranges 60-89, 90-119, 120+ days). It is with the perspective of a project manager. It’s not an issue but a requirement. I need to add the Free Text Invoice data in my report. I just need to know what query i should be using to do this. Does that make sense?

OK, Does that mean you need a query to get the free text invoice lines related to a customer?