adding filter in vendor search in 2012

Hi friends,

i added one new field in vendorsearch trying to do filter vendor search it is not working…
through debugging i come to know for this functionality

Path-> Procurement and sourcing → All Request for Quotation → Edit → Vendor Table → Vendor search



i wrote parmmethods all methods required it is not showing any error …
bit that filteration is not working…
i added that screen shots also

any suggations…


Do you see your parameter on the Advanced search query tab or you aren’t so far yet?

Hi Martin,

no still i am not see anything i am try to do through combobox

Create a variable for your value in VendSearchRequest class and implement parm* and label* methods for it. Then use them in buildCommonSearchExpression() method in the same way as for other fields. Don’t forget to call vendSearchHelper.buildSearchExpression(element) when your field gets modified.

Then you should see your field and value on the Advanced search query tab. If not, use debugger to see what failed.

Hi Martin,

i alredy created all these methods through debugger i come to know onething i am sharing the scree


the first one is when i use standardone “locallyowned” that query coming like that…

when i use my created one its not taking that “where” condition(see in that screen)

where i miss steps…


Don’t take your code as a black box, observing just inputs and results. Verify steps one by one.

  1. Is buildSearchExpression() called when changing your field?
  2. Do you set value to your new variable (in getFormParameters())?
  3. Is your variable handled in buildCommonSearchExpression()?

If it worked, you would see your value on the Advanced search query tab. Because it doesn’t work, it obviously can’t build the query later.

HI Martin,

I forgot give reply that issue is resolved.
i went step by step i added my code its working fine thank you…