Adding field to requistion worksheet form from sales header

I added a field from the sales header form (shipment method code) to my requisition worksheet form and it is not pulling the informaiton over…i used the source expression from the sales header I thought that fields added to forms did not need “calc fields” code added…wondering how I can get the information pulled over from the sales head for the line that is pulled to the requistion worksheet…thanks.


If you want a field copied from sales header that you can modify it on req. worksheet or if the value on sales header is updated and you don’t want to change it , you must add a new field and change the codeunit that write the lines in req. worksheet. I don’t know exactly how you are creating the lookup field, but it’s possible to obtain data from other data. Can you detail the process ?

Don’t forget that on in req. worksheet you have several types of lines and not all of these match a sales header. I Personally prefer the codeunit way.

I don’t want to modify the field once it is pulled to the req worksheet, I just want the field from the sales header to pull over to the req worksheet w/o the ability to edit so that a purchasing person can determine whether it is an overnight shipment or not from the req worksheet