Adding existing missing table to Database log list


I need BOM table inventory dimensions like revision - in database log setup…

how do we add BOM Table to database log table ? i think its missing there


You said you wanted inventory dimensions, but then you asked how to add BOM Table. Can you please clarrify which exact table (or tables) you need?
I believe that all (non-temporary) tables are available in DB log setup. Are you looking at the right place?
Please tell us which version of AX you’re talking about. When creating a thread next time, attach a tag with the version.

Hi Martin,

D365 FnO, when you go to BOM Versions form there is revisions field on lines of it from released product form, i want to activate log to track when is revision changed there,

I tried looking but couldnt find where it is or how it is called

So what is the name of the table that you’re unable to find in DB log setup? If you don’t know the name yet, how you can claim that this name is missing?

Im not sure how it should work, but it is a inventory dimension on BOM table, so its InventDim,

Should i add database log on revision dimension on inventDim table or BOM table ? i want it to only track when it is accessed over BOM Versions form

Which table you need depends on what you want to achieve.
It’s unlikely that you want InventDim table. That represents a combinaton of inventory dimensions and it’s not specific to BOM.
I guess that you’re interested in InventDimId field on BOMVersion table. The label of this table is “BOM Versions” and configuration key is “Bills of materials” (its parent is “Trade”).
Only now you’re in a position to start looking for the table in database log setup.

Thanks Martin works fine :slight_smile: