Adding display method to an extension form datasource

Hi all,

i want to add a display method on an extended form datasource.
The form i extended is LedgerJournalTransAsset, the datasource i want to add a new method to is LedgerJournalTrans.

I created the extension with the folowing code:

final class LedgerJournalTransAsset_Extension
/// how to add a display method under a datasource context here?
/// or will any method added here belong to Form element?

Probably for performance reasons the standard approach uses the LedgerJournalEngine class where a LedgerJournalTable buffer is already loaded, that’s why i am not adding my new method to LedgerJournalTrans directly.

any help is appreciated.

Hi Hugo,

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I don’t think so you can add display method in form data source.

However i am sharing one my blog may be you get help from it.…/display-method-for-table-extension.html