Adding dimensions to posted G/L Entries Nav 5.0


I have some G/L postings from Production orders that have posted without the necessary dimensions and need to add the dimension to the posted entry. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can do this?

Thanks in advance

You need to write a C/AL code for doing this. Posted (Ledger entries) can’t be mannually edited/ modified.

May be using a codeunit/ processing only report you can do this.

Thanks - I guess this is something that I will need to ask partner to do (whilst also determining the cause of the missing dimensions, as they should be mandatory)

In general Dims can not be added AFTER posting, in case you miss some, your partner can help you to add them manually (using Partner license AND SKILL to do this), but look at this possibility only as emergency help.

To avoid missing Dims in future, you must set these up with "Code Mandatory"option, where needed. So, you wouldn’t be able to post anything with missing Dim values, and corresponding message will pop up and say where the Dims are missing. This, in turn, will help you to determine where you should add these Dim values.

I would guess that you only use dimensions to report against the GL, so you probably don;t need to worry about posted docuemnt dimensions, and the dimensions against the ILEs etc.

So I would just mae a journal to reverse out the current GL entries (with no dimensions) then re-post the GL transactions with the correct dimensions. It will take half an hour or so, you will learn from it, and save money compared ot getting some code written. As Modris says, of you do it in code, then you need someone good that knows what they are doing, and that will be expensive. ALso follwo his advise and sort out your mandatory dimensions.