Adding caption to UI builder generated dialog box


I want to add a caption to the dialog box (parameter window) generated using a UI builder.

I am looking for code similar to what I would do in case of legacy reports to add a caption to the dialog box

Dialog dlg = new Dialog("@labelID");

I tried to add a caption in by overriding the new method of UI builder class, passing a dialog box with the caption to the super method, but that did not workout.

Any help is appreciated.

For reference, this question is already discussed on another forum.

but those who have anything to suggest are welcome here.

You can even set this in controller class(if you have controller class),


see \Classes\BOMPartOfController\run

Thanks Kranthi,

I will try this and update here.

This option does not seem to work.

Tried it, yielded no result.

I have given you a standard example. It should work unless there is something wrong in your implementation.

I will analyze the class in the system thoroughly once again and update.