Adding a Sales Order to a Lanham eShip Bill Of Lading in BC14 (NAV)

I am working on Business Central 14 On Premise with the Windows Client and Lanham eShip.

I have two companies. The first is using Warehouse Documents and the second is not. In both companies, I can open a sales order and use the Create Bill of Lading button in the ribbon to add a sales order to a new or existing BOL. However, if instead, I create a new bill of lading and the use the Add Sales Order action on the BOL Worksheet, that works on the fist company (that uses warehouse documents) but it does not work for the other company using simple warehousing. There is no error message, the add sales order process just does not do anything. Could this be due to a Packing Station setup or Packing Rule Setup?

It appears that this issue was the result of a code change (undocumented modification) .