Adding a new verrtical

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I work with a company which is a certified partner of Microsoft. We are planning to add a new vertical(Or add-on-whichever applies). I am trying to do a research on this. I want to know what are the prerequisites to be followed before starting to work on the new vertical.I do understand that we have to fill in the Request form and Partner Registration Agreement Form. I want to go a little more back and find out the initial things like the vertical which we are planning - is it unique and not done by any other company, the kind of forms or statements we should prepare in the starting phase to submit it to whomsoever required. Kindly help me to complete this research.

In Partnersource, use this link:, alternative

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Thanks buddy. But I’ve already been through this link. It didn’t help me a lot.

When you think that it is worth to develop an addon - there is not much to consider beside:

Create objects and fields in the object number range assigned specifically to you only
Make sure that you document your changes to standard code carefully
Make sure that you do not change IDs of controls between versions
Follow the Navision Style Guide for user interfaces and programming (naming variables and so on).

So as you can see the things to consider are mainly technical.

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