Adding a new parameter

While trying to add a new parameter in the customer ageing report i get an exception. I am changing the dialog method in the CustVendReport_AgingReport class. I want to add a dropdown of ItemGroups which i will then use in modifying the query. As soon as i add a new dialogfield in the class it gives following error Illegal object code recompiule the script. I have tried to make a similar change in other reports which has been successful and i do exactly the same thing. Adding an already existing parameter againin the report is not an isssue though but i don’t know why it is not accepting a new parameter in the form of a drop down. Can someone please help me.

Hi Amitso, Try clear your Axapta caching values by go to Tools/Option/Usage Data. Hope this help. Khue Trinh

Khue , I tried it but didn’t help

In the end i found the solution.This might be of somehelp to the others as well. I choose to compile forward which helped to solve the issue.

Thank you so much, this was my solution as well.