Adding a field in table as flow field facing error.

hi experts,

In NOD/NOC table i added a field Name which is from vendor table after that when am running the table some of the vendor name is not showing on the table.i am using navision 2013 R2. when am adding flow field and i see cacFrmula its ok i relate with a field no. to no. field after that am runnning then its shows error.
“The field Name with ID 50000 in the table NOD/NOC header cannot be deleted or changed because the field contains data in the TEST database of the you company”. what to do??suggest me some solution

If I understood you added a new field and since it was not showing any data now you want to transform it in a flowfield, but got the error mentioned: probably some data were accidentally inserted, just look for the records having the field filled in all the companies of the database, empty them and you should be able to change it in a flowfield.

Thanks for the reply but i didn’t get you you mean there is a record having the same field and filled them properly or empty them.

i am doing the same thing in demo databse there is no problem i have a single company and only one database.