Adding a dropdown

How do I add a dropdown to a form? For example, say I wanted to create another responsible employee dropdown on that form. Do I add a text box and then link it to the employee table? I’m sure this is easy and I’m just missing something. Thanks for your help.

I got it, on the table you set the tablerelation for that field. Figures 5 minutes after I post I figure it out!

To display a dropdown with a few options you could use too and Option field (or var) and just use it as the SourceExpr for a textbox :wink:

Add a field to the underlying table.

If the field is a look-up to another table then make sure the Tabl Relation propoerty is set appropriately.

If the field is a finite list of option (like Type in Sales Line or Document Type in Sales Header) then you can (as suggested above) define that limited list in the OptionString property for that field.