adding a column to service agreement details form in service module

hi experts i am very new to ax customizations. i have a requirement.

i need to add a ‘category group’ column for service agreement details form in line level in service module. where can i find the actual design for the form. and how can i do it?

can any one help me in this issue?

Thanks in advance…

Right click → setup → will give you that information. Please go through the basic developer documentation provided by Microsoft…

Thankyou kranti…

i added a datasource to the form,which is from where we need to fetach the field. and i dragged this field from the datasource to lineview in the design part. but it is not showing in the form.

how can i overcome this? can any one help me please?

hi, i succesfully added that field and it is showing in the form. now what i need to to is…

if select a value in thet column corresponding values should display in other fields in line level in the form.

how can i achieve this? please help me in this issue?

Override the modifiedField method at table level, write a case for this field(see \Data Dictionary\Tables\InventTable\Methods\modifiedField for inspiration) and in that assign all the field values that you want to do based on modification.

hi krantican you please explain me how this code works…? here ServiceObjectRelationId and ServiceObjectId is there, do i need to create any relation between this fields for acheving the above task?

// Quantity is changed
case(fieldnum(SMAAgreementLine, Qty)):

case (fieldnum(SMAAgreementLine, ServiceObjectRelationId)):
if (!this.ServiceObjectRelationId)
this.ServiceObjectId = ‘’;
this.ServiceObjectId = SMAServiceObjectRelation::find(this.ServiceObjectRelationId).ServiceObjectId;