Added in New Items in movement journal


Inventory Module → Movement Journal

I have missed more than 50 items not created in the opening balance. Now how to add items? When I used movement Journal quantity only added but value not added financially. so Stock statement and Trial Balance Value is not matching.

Help me how to solve this problem.


You need to create a new movement journal and post it for the remaining quantity.

Before posting, be sure that the total journal amount is same as the missing factor in trial.



I create movement journal and posted but quantity added in the inventory but

financial value not added.


Did you added cost price on the journal line?

What is the voucher entry showing for the posted movement journal?



Yes item cost price added. (When I select item code cost price automatically will come).

And how about ACIE & Post Inv.cost to G/L? Did you run these batchjobs?

I would guess not as this is probably an AX post [:D]

@Steve - are you sure? Then I should move it to AX forum…

@vardhan - please confirm is it NAV or AX related - your previous question was in NAV forum, too…

Not 100% which is why I left it [:D]