Add total of sales invoice lines

NAV 2009 SP1

I am attempting to add the sum of the Sales invoice lines to a form I have gone to the C/Al symbol menu and delected database and then tables then Sales line. How can I sum the unit price of the sales lines for a particular asset card, I am not able to open C/AL Code, Globals, or Locals

Hi ,

Can you add a flowfield to the header table ?

that would do the trick.


Negative I am just a customer

ok then contact your partner to do this change.


lol yea that is what i was thinking, they could do it in like 5 minutes. I wanted to get some more NAV experience and was wondering if i could complete this myself. no problemo


Sean if you have access to Table designer, then you also have permission to create a flow field as suggested by faludigabor. BUT.

Mathematically it is not possible to add up unit prices. So first step is to figure out what you actually need.

David i do understand what you are saying…

In the Sales Invoice lines table , The ‘Unit price’ in our model is = to the ‘amount’ or Unit Price Excluding Tax. we rent materials so our partner has customized our NAV. I am trying to find out how much revenue per asset we have IE add Amounts per asset of the SIL table

So why can’t you create a flow field based on Amount?

I might be wrong but to create a flow field you have to edit the table correct? When i click design on the table i get an error that i do not have perms. but i am a super user. so i thought it was a licensing issue since i was not a developer I am just a customer

You are corect. In order to do modifications, you do have to have the proper licenses. I am not a licensing expert but I think the least you would need is have is the Table designer 7,130 then in order to do anything with the field on a form or a report, you would have to be licensed to change those objects.

You can ask your partner to quote just what you need to make minor modifications yourself then start by practicing on a backup db.

Yes it is indeed possible. But I have never seen this ever (and I have seen a lot of Navision licenses). Typically if a partner sells designer licenses to the customer, it is common to sell the Table, Form and Report designer together, or just Report designer. Since you have the Form designer, I assumed you had the table designer, and just couldn’t see code and variables.

Do you have the Report designer?

I do not have table or codeunit designer :frowning: access denied

But do you have report designer access?

Yes i have report designer access.

So you can access code in Report designer, so create it there. [Y]

Rock and roll, so you are saying add a report instead of adding the field to the form?

So the only way to add flow fields to forms is to obtain a developers license?

You add flow fields to Tables, so you would need the table designer to do that.

But you can simply write what you need in code. But since you don’t have the Application builder, you can just create the form in a Report (use the request form) and in that you can write code.

Basically open the form you currently have Select all and copy. Then create a new report go to request form, and paste everything, dont forget to set the source table and now you can press F9 to get to code.

I agree, you should contact your nav partner. that’s crazy that you can add any custom field.

Our partner said we would need the developer license. We have looked at this in the past but it is not within our price range.