Add Total available field to Inventory value report

Hi Techies,

I would like to add a new field called “Total available” which is nothing but onhand inventory value and when i went through report DP class i couldn’t able to understand the logic. can some one help me in understanding this Report and help me in adding a field to this new report? Thanks for your help!!!

Is there anything particular you would like to know? Which version of AX are you talking about?

the version of AX is 2012R3 and i would like add total available inventory value on this report .Thanks

The controller (InventValueReportController) uses InventValueReportInit class to run batch tasks preparing the data for the report.

For example, if ViewMaterial is ticked, InventValueReportPopulateItem is used to generate data for items. Open its buildTransactionsWithDynamicQuery() method to see what it does.

Then go to InventValueReportDP.getInventValueReportTmpLine() to see how values generated by different tasks are summarized for the report.