Add the image in table at container field in ax

Hi ,

i have table which contain container filed .in container field i extend the Bitmap as the EDT …How can i add the image in the

table …when i run in job it wont save in the container field…

Have a look at HCMPersonImage.Image and see how it is been filled in \Forms\HcmPersonImage.

s … i need how to get the image…can u explain detailed

Where do you have the images that you are trying to insert into the table?
Have you looked at the form i suggested?

Hi Cristiano,

To my understanding you want to manipulate a image field in a table through X++ code.

If that is what you want, you can try below link,…/

and Kranthi’s reply will help you on how you can update and insert the images through forms from front end.

Hope you find it helpful!!!


You can use the similar logic. It doesn’t matter from where you are doing the data insert/update.