Add Purchase Requisition line field to PO report


I have added a new text field to the PurchLine table for technicians to add the purchase requisition line related notes. We would like to show these notes on the PO report.

I am following the following link for the work involved.

This is what I have done so far:

  1. added notes field to the PurchLine.Ext

  2. added notes field to the purchPurchaseOrderTmp.Ext

  3. Added notes field to the purchLineHistory.Ext

  4. Updated PurchLineArchivedVersions.Ext view and PurchLineNotArchivedVersions.Ext view

Built the solution successfully.

I am stuck at the next step where I have to compile the PurchLineAllVersions view

I have created an extension PurchLineAllVersions.Ext but since this view uses base views PurchLineArchivedVersions and PurchLineNotArchivedVersions as datasource, my notes field is not showing up and I cannot add it to the fields of this extension. I am not sure how to go about doing this work.

I need to make sure the new field is in PurchLineAllVersions so I can add it to the PurchPurchaseOrderDP

Any help is appreciated!

Thank you.