Add purchase order sales tax


I am creating a purchase order through code and everything seems to work except I need to add the sales tax to the PO (it’s begin passed in on a staging table). How can I modify the sales tax on the purchase order I am creating?



Does that mean the tax is not calculated for the PO? have you assigned the tax groups to the purchase order lines?

Yes the tax groups are assigned to the lines, although the calculated numbers don’t match what is being passed in. I need to override that tax with what is in the staging tables.

What does that mean?

I found what I needed to fix this. When the order comes in, the sales tax is calculated by AX, but not exactly correct in all cases. I can use the TaxRegulation functionality to adjust the sales tax on the order.

Thank you for your responses.

Shawn, can you elaborate on how you used the TaxRegulation functionality to adjust the Sales tax amount on Purchase order?
I have a similar functionality, where I have to override the sales tax amount on the Purchase Order header with a value that has been imported.