add parameter in aot report

Dear all,

Can any one help me how to add or remove a parameter in AOT report in ax 2009…

Thanks in advance

You mean a MorphX report (not an SSRS report), right?

What exactly is the problem? Are you familiar with dialog() (for creating dialog forms) and getFromDialog() (for getting user input from dialogs)?

yes Mr. martin Morphx report only… in that i want to add my data range parameter in my report header…

Now it sound like if you want to print a query range in your report, but it doesn’t seems to match to what you said before.

Please tell us exactly what you need. Feel free to use more sentences, concrete example, pictures or whatever is needed to explain your requirement.

sorry my query is this only…

my scenario is

for example i have financial date in my report am going to generate the report for the date 1/1/2015…1/1/2016

i want to show this parameter range in my report header… this is my scenario martin…

i want to do this morphX report in ax 2009…

pls guide me.



It’s supported. Look at Change the appearance of printed report ranges, for example.

Thanks Mr. Martin it worked finely:)