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I had seen quite a few communications on add ons for the Indian market. I am interested in knowing the details of such add ons developed for India. I am sure to name them excise, payroll, salestax would have already been developed. If so, are these registered with Navision world wide. Is it possible for us to get the licensing for such modules? A list of such add ons in reply will be highly appreciated Regards KK

a few of them you could find in this link…

Thank you Nitesh I think there should be a common forum where all NSC should be asked to update a database for all localization done.


Originally posted by Nitesh
a few of them you could find in this link…

Hi, You can get the list of Add-ons from the Add-on Catalog available with your MBS Distributor(Earlier NTR). But the same is updated only once in 6 months or later. There is a Forum(Section) on ‘mbsonline’ for listing Add-ons developed. It can be accessed from Solutions—>Add-ons offered.