Add on for Navision

Hello, we are looking for a database of the existing Add on for Navision. We are selling photocopiers (faxes and printers) machines an are looking for an special add on. (we are also renting machines to the customer). We are looking also for is a service management add on (planning of technicians, …). Does anybody can help us. Best regards

Hi Service Management is available as a standard module. With regards to the add-on Microsoft have compiled a cataloge of these, this maybe only available to partners, but you could request it from Microsoft.

We have experiences with Navision for copier manufacturers (copy contracts, machine renting, service for machine etc.)… if you need more info, I will send you contact to our salesman… I do not know about special standard module for your company…

Hi, we are using Site for servicing, a product of a german company called Singhammer. Joerg