Add New Parameters SalesInvoiceReport

Hi everyone i new to AX and i need your help i have modified the SalesInvoiceReport and now i want to Show a Parameters Dialog-box when i Run the Report … but the standard report Runs directly without showing a Parameters Dialog Box .

Please help How can i show a Parameters Dialog Box when user runs the Invoice Report. ?

Thanks in Advance

Hi Richard,

I don´t know what is your purpose, but you can change parameter “Interactive” to value yes in report properties. Then you get standard report dialog.

I hope it will little help.


Hi Daniel thank you for your Answer … But i open the report in Visual Studio report designer i check the report parameter value i don’t find any

Hi Richard,

Unfortunately I haven´t experience with visual studio report designer. I am using just X++ and report designer in AX 09. There is some discusion about it in with direct x++ code. Maybe it will help.


Which Version of AX are you trying to achieve this customization. Also what’s the purpose of the this modifications ?

thanks i will have a look on it [Y]

I am using AX 2012 R3 … purpose is to show the Print destination dialog box … i have a report which need to be print in Half Letter Paper Size that is 8.5in x 5.5in … when you set the paper size in Visual Studio it will not work if you set the Height less then the width it will become Landscape so the print out is not correct and this cannot be override with the printing preference that we set before we print the report …

Now i have found the solution for this . I have few report that is designed using Query when i run the report i gives me a Dialog box with report parameter and print destination using this print destination setting there is a option to override the default setting using which i am able to set the paper size to half letter .

Anyway final thing is i want to print the report in Half Letter paper size and i want to set parameter ( From InvoiceID - To InvoiceID )

So use can print multipal report based on the parameter From InvoiceID && To InvoiceID.

hope if any one can help …

Have you tried setting up your print preference for the customer invoice here (AR–>Setup–>Form -->Form Setup—>Print Management)

Still you’re not convinced with your desired output try creating new design in the report the way you wanted and use that design in the Form setup–>Print Management Form ( Just copy existing design to new design) .

“set parameter ( Form InvoiceID - To InvoiceID)” For this you may need to create new report using query as a DataSet so that you can use your parameter to print N number of customer invoices.

thank for your quick reply … i will have a look in it … for the query base report not suitable for us all our paper are pre printed and i am unable to set a specific location for a field in report designer and the query base report is in Table format if i take the data out from the Table and set in Textbox the data is not correct …

If your concern is only to show the print preference before printing the report in the sense then you can set the parameter to true formLetterController.parmShowDialog(true);

It’ll render the dialog for you.

Thank you for you help … Setting

formLetterController.parmShowDialog(true); … did not worked for me how ever when i debug i found the code
formLetterController.parmShowDialog(true) was linked to RrsReportRunController Class there it has a Method …

parmShowDialog this method returns boolean

so i just modified the code

// return super(_showDialog);


//Modified By Richard

return true;

This worked for me [Y]

Thank you every one for you Help and your precious time