add new fixed assets as a part to excisting fixed assets

Dear experts,

Could you tell me how I can add fixed assets to existing assets?

The rest period of the depreciation must be the same period as the excisting asset.

For example the existing assets will have a value of 0 in 13 periods.

The new fixed asset is a part of the existing asset, and must be 0 in 13 periods too.

How can I add this new asset too an existing asset?

Thank in advance for your reply!!!

Are you wanting to adjust the acquisition price of the asset due to an improvement to the asset? (Or something similar) If so, you can simply post a new fixed asset journal with an acquisition adjustment transaction dated for the date that the addition or improvement was made. You can also use the Fixed asset additions feature to track additional information about the addition/improvement. If this addition is it’s own fixed asset, then you can link it to the parent fixed asset, but that does not really drive functionality.