I want to add a new column in Cash Recipt voucher.

but the problem is that this new column is not in Field Menu and also i do not know the table number from which that form is created.if i will get that table number then i will try to add.

if you want to know the source table just click the form press Ctrl+F2 then press shift + F4

form properties will be displayed and check the source table property thats is the table which you need

Hi Jagdish,

Just adding a field to the table and displaying on the screen will not necessarily solve your issue. I would advise you to discuss this with you Nav partner.


thank you very much for this information.

Hi ,

Can some one help me how to add column in Navision Form. I add one column singnatory Level in Bank Account. I want to add information in the column from form. Please give me the steps

Read the technical documents from Microsoft or books on navision technical aspects.