Add more table on Setup Check List

Hi… Does anyone ever tried to add more table list on “SETUP CHECKLIST”. Is it possible to more table on setup checklist line table?.. I already a a few record on table setup check list line, of course first of all I should change properties editable to YES then when I run setup checklist form the menu, I didn’t see the table I already added, and then I go back to table setup checklist line table, the record that I added also gone… does anyone know how to added the table on setup check list? . thanks for your kind …

Well, taking a look at the actions performed would probably lead you to codeunit 406 Setup Checklist Management. If not - this is the place to look… :slight_smile: Soren Nielsen, moderator Integration/Developer NOLUG

Codeunit 406 is definitely where you need to make modifications. To add lines to the Setup Checklist, add additional calls to MakeCheckListLine in the MakeCheckList function. If you want the user to be able to transfer the contents of the table from other companies then you will also need to add code to the TransferContents function to perform this task.

Thanks to you folk, I get the point, problem were solved… kind regards AKO