Add inventory dimensions button a form - need help


I am trying to add selected inventory dimension columns to a form that I am working on. I have added the Inventory dimensions button and the button opens the little dialogue window where I can select the dimensions that I am interested in. But after clicking Ok on the dimensions dialogues window my parent form doesn’t display the selected dimensions. I am not sure what I am missing.

Here is my code:

  1. in the class declaration of the form I have this variable declared InventDimCtrl_Frm_EditDimensions inventDimFormSetup;

  2. I have created the inventDimSetUpObject(), updateDesing() in the form methods

  3. I added the line element.updateDesign(InventDimFormDesignUpdate::Init); in the Form’s init() method.

4). On the InventDim datasource properties I have setup the LinkType to InnverJoin and the join source is my main temp table which is the main data source of the form.

I am not sure what else I need to do for it to be able to show the selected inventory dimensions columns. Any inputs please?