Add filter data in common

Basically, my requirement is like these. I have a table name as Table1 (Only one filed string type) which have four records like these:


Field 1 RecId

AAA 123456789 (for Ex)

BBB 123456—

CCC 12345----

DDD 1234------

Basically we excess these data by using common and dicttable ( like as):-

Common common;
DictTable dictTable;
Table1 Table1;
select Table1 where Table1.Field1 ==“AAA”;
dictTable = new DictTable(Table1.TableId);
common = dictTable.makeRecord(); //Table1;

while select common
info(strFmt(“Field Value::%1 RecId::%2”,common.( fieldnum( Table2, Field1 ) ),common.RecId));

Everytime Output is:-

Field Value :: AAA Recid ::123456789

Filed Value :: BBB Recid :: 123456-----

Field Value :: CCC Recid :: 12345------

Field Value :: DDD Recid :: 1234--------

We Want output like these::-

Field Value :: AAA Recid :: 123456789

while select common where common.RecId == Table1.recId


thnks kranti but i already know that solution…

Basically my requirment is different; we create lookup method and my lookup value is coming from ExampleTable ( For Ex) and In these table data is inserting after using many where clauses. So everytime we delete record form ExampleTable and insert data before lookup method is call then lookup value is show .So basically i dont want create table , so we use common table concept , my recode from MainTable is inserted by using makeRecord() method , but its makes all record , we want only these record are inserted which are selected by using select query in above example. So my final data is inserted in Common and we use easilly.

I am not sure what does that mean? Inserting data into to Common doesn’t makes sense.

I would rather suggest using a temp table.