Add field to grid from other table

I want to edit an existing form to add a column in the grid.

The form grid has an table from Data Sources as Data Source. It’s the ProdTable table.

Now I want to add a field from the SalesTable table in the same grid, but I don’t know where to start. I have followed some AX tutorials but I haven’t found any which starts from scratch. I am completely new to X++ coding.

This link creates a form based on a query but I don’t know if that’s what I need:…/cc566883(v=ax.50).aspx

Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Do you need to filter on the field you want to add?



That would be nice. This is my goal:

Form now:

[Column1 ProdOrderID] [Column2 ItemName] [Column3 ItemID] [Column4 Reference Sales ID]

Form goal:

[C1] [C2] [C3] [C4] [Newcolumn5 Delivery Date]

The delivery date is coming form SalesTable (relation between ProdTable.ReferenceSalesId and SalesTable.SalesID)

I want to filter from oldest to newest.

So, you have to edit the ProdTable form as follows:

-from AOT, drag salesTable table on ProdTable form Datasource node

-in the form datasources properties on salesTable, set ProdTAble in the join source property

-set innerjoin in the linkType property

drag the deliveryDate field from form dataSource salesTable on the grid of prodTable overview tab

That’s all

Hope it helps



Thanks! Didn’t know it was so easy.

Is there a book or website that you recommend for AOT beginners where things like this are mentioned? I want to learn AX developing to edit and extend forms.

MorphX it Steen Andreasen

Inside Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009

Microsoft AX 2009 Programming getting started

You can easily find them