Add Existing field from InventTableModule to display on EcoResProduct Create

HI all .

I have question regarding to EcoResProductCreate (Form) I want to add existing field (purchase Price ) from InventTableModule to represent in EcoResCreate form,

What method should i use to achieve this, and where to put it


You already have the unit fields (purchase unit, sales unit). You can use similar approach.

Hi kranthi,

Thank you for reply,

Can you describe the steps how to achieve this

Thanks for your time and consideration

Add a control to the form (like the purchase unit) and map the control to the InventTableModule field in

Hi Kranthi,

I have completed this instructions, and finally it show an error (Function writeMoreFields has been incorrectly called)

I tried many times to Clear Usage and Reset AOS


Purchase price is real type and real form control was not handled in writeMoreFields method

else if (formControl is FormRealControl)
realControl = formControl as FormRealControl; // declare the realControl variable
if (record.(fieldId) != realControl.realValue())
record.(fieldId) = realControl.realValue();
recordModified = true;

Hi Kranthi,

The issue is resolved.

Many Thanks bro for your time