add duplicate records in report

Hi how do i add duplicated records together? For e.g in this list of data there are two values with the same external document no., i need to add the two values together to become 1 value.

I try:
BaseAmt += Base;
Until = 0;

But it adds up all the data value instead. Please help.

Which Version are you using?

Did you check GroupTotalFields property in report?

NAV 2009 r2. Do i need to put the external document no. inside the grouptotalfields property, but the external document no. is not a key.

You need to add it if you want to do grouping

Make sure your base report logic wont disturb with this chageā€¦

I have add External Document no. into the GroupTotalFields property. Then the amount should be added in the group footer?

same post twice.