Add date formula 1M+25D+1M+10D = 1M+5D

Hey Experts,

I added three fields in my table Date1,Date2 and Date3 as a Datatype of DateFormula,and I given a value

Date1 is 10D+1M;

Date2 is 25D+1M;

in Date 3 am getting a value 10D+1M+25D+1M.

I need to display value 3M+5D, Is there any functions to do,

Expecting valuable sugesstion Experts

Thanks in Advance

Not that I am aware off. You need to program a function for that yourself, keeping in mind that there might be date formulas like -CM+1M+10D, which would give you the 10th of the following month no matter which actual date in the current month you are at. Or what about -CQ+1Q+1M+15D which would give you the 45 Days after the end of the current quarter?

How do you show the End of Month, being the last day of the month?

So if you are raising an invoice on the 15th for example, you need to calculate the EOM.