add data from a field in card page to a field in list part page

how can i add the same result automatically from the field Emp id in general fast tab to Employee iD field in mylinesubform part.

the general fast fast and mylinesubform fast tab has different table in the background.

Hi Bittu,

Except that the image is different. What is the difference between this question and the one you asked yesterday?

Have you worked on some of the suggestions there already. Because here it’s suggested how you get a field from the purchase header into the purchase lines, whenever you update it on the header.

i tried with the suggestions given to me yesterday, but it is not working

Hey Bittu,

Dont get disappointed, check your code again and what we suggested you can directly paste your code here what you have written on the OnValidate Trigger.

Note - you should delete the existing value of the EMPID, put the cursor on some other Textbox then again click on EMP ID put it in some value and then press TAB and check. This is needed because the OnValidate Trigger must get executed.


Please use the same thread for replies. Please don’t create duplicate questions.
Please reply what you have tried and what is not working in the main thread.

I will lock this thread for now.