Add custom field in customer form

i need to add two custom field in customer form. that custom field link with another table. that table is 1:1 relatation with customer table.

The purpose of two custom field are to store the extract information about customer.

Please let me know what is the best option.

Add one variable of type record of that table. Get the record of that table for that customer no. and do your operation what you required.

Thanks Alok

I did the same thing but after during this. i am getting one more problem is when i change the value of any field on customer and press next or previous button the modify event fired but when i changed the value in my custom filed and press next or previous button the modify event didn’t fire.

definetely it will not fire modify event because that is not part of customer table…alternative could be to have that fields as flowfield in customer table linked to your defined table…

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