add c# dll to ax 2009


I have created a DLL with the help of Visual Studio 2010 and added it’s reference to AOT. But I am able to use the DLL only on the my machine which is development the DLL and whenever I try to use it from any other client machine I get an error as “Object CLR object could not be created”. any solution?

It sounds like that you haven’t installed the DLL to the other machines - just to have a reference in AOT is not enough; the AX client process needs the actual DLL file too (in the bin folder or in GAC).

Thanks for reply.

i have imported dll in to bin and GAC but no luck…

You may also miss some assembly used by your DLL.

yes U R right. I have missed some dependent DLL’s which is related to main DLL. I have imported that DLL .Now its working fine.

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hi syedirfan

if u have any document pls post it or suggest me some blogs to learn abt this

Hi Arun,

I dont have any document related to this.But when i try to register in local machine,developed DLL into RegEdit by using ReGasm.exe which located in (C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.50727ReGAsm.exe) ,it shows error as a missing dependent DLL’s.After that i has imported that missing dll in to local machine. then its work fine.



Syed irfan.