Add button on Picking list form to view Route card Journal


For the same production id it has 2 journals, so from picking list journal I need to view the Route card journal for the production id through Route button

When I click the route button for the particular production id it needs to open a form with Route card journal.

How could i do that?

Thanks in advance

Do you want to show all the route card journals related to that production order when you click on that button (since a production order can have multiple route card journals)?

Yes, Kranthi.

I want to show route card journals for that Particular prodid

Add a button to the ProdJournalTable form and in the clicked method have code similar to below,

void clicked()
Args args = new Args();
ProdTable prodTable = ProdTable::find(prodJournalTable.ProdId);



new MenuFunction(menuitemdisplaystr(ProdJournalTableRouteCard), MenuItemType::Display).run(args);

Thanks, Kranthi.
Wats d use of ProdTable here?

To show the route card journals related to that Production order.

Thanks, Kranthi.
It helped.