Add a second address

Hi all, Does anyone know how to add a second address for a vendor that will be active for other purposes than ordering? I will be grateful for all answers, Thomas

Hi Thomas, I dont know where exactly you want to use this adress, but I suppose you could use the order adresses under vendor, order adresses. You can then pick a alternate adress within a purchase order or creditmemo etc. Marion

I have created a new section for Invoicing addresses that works along the same principle as the Ship-to addresses. This is only used for purposes of reports, where the user requires to be able to change this at any time. This does not have any validation in the system, so this could act as a text entry. Don’t know if this is what you are looking for, but it does have its uses.

Thank you for responding to my problem, I will give you an example: we have a vendor that has sold their acct. receivable to a banking institution. This bank has instructed us to make pmts. directly to them. Therefore, we need to keep the original vendor info. intact, but have the opportunity to change “pay to” vendor within the vendor card, not individually on each entered inv. Any ideas? Thanks, Thomas

Ohhh, well in that case, why don’t you create a vendor for this banking institution, and than alter the “pay to” in the vendor card of your original vendor into the banking institution. I don’t know if this works for all Navision versions, but in all my versions (NL 2.50 and WW 2.01)it does. Succes, Marion

Thomas I think you mean Just payments and Remittances going to a Different Address that the Vendors! You will need to set them up as Vendors with no transactions. What you need is a “Factoring Vendor” not a “Pay-to Vendor” Changing the “Pay-to Vendor” will allocate all invoices and payments against the “Pay-to Vendor”. NOTE: Security must be coded in to stop any fraud. Add a Field “Factoring Vendor” type Boolean to the Vendor Table Add another new field to the Vendor Table “Factoring vendor No.” code 20 with a table Relation "Vendor where “Factoring Vendor”=yes. This drill down will now only show the Factoring Vendors. Add the fields to the Vendor Card add control code to the Vendor Table. Add Control code to Mark the Factoring Vendors as Blocked so Invoices can’t be raised. Alter the Remmitance / Cheque report to use the Factoring Address and Name with a reference to the Original Vendor. Mr David Cox MindSource (UK) Limited Navision Solutions Partner Email: Web:

Sorry Thomas I should have looked at your profile before replying The changes I have described would have to be done by your NSC, there is no factoring facility in Navision so the only “free” way to proceed would be to Identify the Vendors with a “Payment Method” or some other filter then produce manual Cheques for that run. Mr David Cox MindSource (UK) Limited Navision Solutions Partner Email: Web: