Add a Route button in Pickinglist journal to open route card journal


I need to add a button in Pickinglist journal form to open Route cardjournal.

May I know how to do that?



You can create a new display menuItemButton and call the Route form in the object of the menuItemButton.


There i need to add a button to open routecard journal from this form.

Thanks, Wikey

This form needs to open when i click tat button.

I checked those menuitem assigned for that it showing like this,


Please see the below screenshot, This is were you need to creata he new menuItemButton,

ProdJournalTable → Design → Tab → ButtonGroups. Create a new menuItemButton and tag the created menuItem in the property of the button.


Yes, I created tat button and in clicked method i called that menu item

void clicked()
new MenuFunction(menuitemdisplaystr(ProdJournalTableRouteCard), MenuItemType::Display).run();

Now the thing is its opening routecardjournal but in routejournal also tat button is visble, i need to hide that

How should i do that?


Insert this code in the init method of the prodJournalTable form,

if(element.args().menuItemName() == menuItemDisplayStr(ProdJournalTableRouteCard))

MenuitemButton is the name of the button you have created in the form. Make sure you have changed the autodeclaration property of the button to YES.

Thanks, Wekey.