Add a remit-to listing of invoices and amounts into footer of customer statement

The client wants another abbreviated listing of the documents and balances on the customer statement in a remit-to tear-off on he customer statement. The remit-to should have only the documents on that page. So, a multi-page statement would have different remit-to footers on each page with only the documents listed on that page. This is required in NAV 2009 R2 RTC.

Is your question how to do this?

What have you tried to do already?


Yes, my question is HOW? I’ve tried using a matrix table in the body, but it prints on a second page and not really what I would consider a page footer. The footer will need to have a the remit-to address, as well as the listing of documents and balances on that page. The idea is that the customer would check the items they are paying and include all remit-to stubs with their check. This client has a very complex receivables scenario with 3rd party payers and national accounts so not every invoice on the staement is paid and payments are not applied FIFO. I’m new to NAV programming–took the courses, but not ‘experienced’. Is there a way to create an array that would reset for each page and be available for the RTC footer?


Set the dimensions property on your variable to create an array. You can have your footer print on every page and reset the array when that section finishes printing.

Is there an example of something similar in a NAV report?