add a dataset from one query to a qbds

Hi, I have a problem… I take salestable in qbds and add range as delivery date with value in between 19/12/2008 to 20/12/2009 and again when i add the same range with a value equal to 15/12/2009 then the query is changing. Like i need the query as select * from salestable where ((DeliveryDate >=19/12/2008) && (DeliveryDate <=20/12/2009)) AND DeliveryDate== 15/12/2009 but in the debugger when i check the qbds it is showing as follows : select * from salestable where ((DeliveryDate >=19/12/2008) && (DeliveryDate <=20/12/2009)) OR DeliveryDate== 15/12/2009 So, Please help me in solving this. What do i need to give at qbds or qbr to get AND condition instead of OR. Thanks and regards, giridhar Raj.

Hi Giridhar,

you will have to use SETFILTER, the code will be like …

SalesLine.SETFILTER(“Delivery Date”,’>%1’, 19122009D);

or if you want to select multiple dates

SalesLine.SETFILTER(“Delivery Date”,’%1|%2’, 19122008D, 19122009D);

I dont need like that… I want it to be used in qbds…