Add a company

Hi, when I want to add a new company (in my evaluation tenant) then I get the following message :

Although, I’m member of the user group ADMINISTRATOR :

And in the permission sets, I have de SUPER permission set :

next page:

Can anyone help me ? what’s missing ?

Thank you very much


Your are only SUPER from CRONUS BE. You need SUPER with blank company.

When you are limit to one company you cannot create any more

Thanks Lars,

I have asked someone with a SUPER and blank company to create the new company and add me as a user. So now I have all the roles and the permission sets in both companies:

Permission sets

However, when I want to switch to the new company (from ‘My Settings’) then I’m getting another error message :



I guess you are working with a Onprem version?

Can you have the user with the SUPER in all company to run table 762 - Account Schedules Chart Setup and delete the record in that table.